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Figure of a reaction chamber
Figure of a reaction chamber

This measure is not chip-tuning or the like but rather a sophisticated, technical component.
The technology is based on three fundamental inventions. Essentially, these are the influence of liquids or ingredients contained therein by flow velocity, pressure and turbulence.

This means, among other things:

Caused by the fuel flow of each piston through the lower impeller to rotate on the one hand, on the other hand, there is a stroke of the piston with a frequency of 1-2 hertz.
These differential pressures can be generated in the ECO-SPIN.
The fuel flows past the rotationally symmetrical elements, resulting in variable ring columns to different degrees of turbulence.

Eco-Spin D500 truck up to 500 kW
D500 truck up to 500 kW

Through the interaction of individual factors, a change in the density of the fuel, the initial speed and flash point is reached. This change causes the injection in the combustion chamber to give a faster and an even better distribution of the mixture, and subsequently leads to the so called “FLASHBOILING”.
The previously mentioned outgoing gas (gas bubbles), leads, in practice to a 7% average of fuel saving.

Eco-Spin Cross section
Cross section

Nearly 20 years of research and development work has been invested in this project. Patent documents, sketches and drawings were made and built several prototypes. Some test scenarios have also been completely new developed and tested.

Up to the first patent issued under number 290 049 on 12th March 1990 by the Patent Office in Vienna (Austria), other patents followed.

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